About Us

We aim to develop and further grow our portfolio of high quality businesses maintaining a strategic focus on the maritime industry where we have many decades of experience as well as selectively branching out into new areas as we develop our key competences.

With a 90 year history and having its roots in the shipping industry, Marin Hili Holdings is the holding company of an international group of companies based in Malta. Today the group maintains a focus on the maritime industry through its operations in the ports sector, where its subsidiary Mariner is a recognised leader in the regions in which it operates. Beyond its holdings in the ports sector, the group has strategically developed a high quality portfolio of businesses in a number of areas, including:

  • Logistics
    • Shipping and marine services
      Mariner Shipping provides shipping and mariner services in Malta.
    • Warehousing and distribution
      The Group owns and operates 37,000m2 of warehousing in Venice, Italy and Riga, Latvia, with another 20,000m2 of warehousing under development in Riga. The Group is also planning the development of a 24,000m2 distribution centre in Malta.
  • Finance
    • Corporate finance and M&A advisory
      Main Street Capital is a specialist corporate finance and mergers & acquisitions house.
    • Investment management
      Trumpington Street Capital manages the Group's investment portfolio.
  • Real estate
    The Group owns both residential and commercial investment property in Malta and Latvia.
  • Yacht yard
    Manoel Island Yacht Yard is Malta's leading yacht yard, in which the Group is a JV investor.

The group is led by Chairman and CEO Marin Hili, who has developed and led a number of highly successful businesses including the Hili Group, where he was Chairman for 19 years. Here, he set the family group on a path of strategic expansion, developing a successful international conglomerate expanding from the group’s traditional roots to related activities such as international trade, trade finance, petrochemical and construction supplies, property development, franchising (McDonald’s), real estate and construction engineering.

Share Capital
Marin Hili Holdings€37,551,000
Mariner Capital€15,001,162
Mariner Finance Baltic SIA€25,000,000

Malta-based Mariner is an investor, developer, and independent operator of sea terminals and other logistic...